OpenTrade: Comprehensive Order and Execution Management System (OEMS) for Quantitative Trading

Key Features
Open Source Platform Our code is super concise with repetitive refactoring and strict code lint. It is easy for you to write your own exchange connectivity / market data adapters and execution algos.
Multi-hierarchy Account System Providing broker account, sub account, and user account. User account can be defined as read-only, sharing the same sub account with the other users. One sub account can be mapped to multiple broker accounts per exchange.
REST API Supporting HTTP and Web Socket REST API, it is super easy for you to integrate or migrate your system to OpenTrade.
Post-trade Risk Control Seamlessly integrated with post-grade risk control system OpenRisk. Edit formulas online, support Python extension.
Multi-source Market Data Support e.g., different FX pricing sources.
Multi-hierarchy Pre-trade Risk Limit Each hierarchy account has its own pre-trade risk limit settings.
Online Algo Editor Supporting editing and debugging python algo online, logging messages directly on the console under editor.
Backtest With our builtin execution simulator, it is easy for you to backtest or debug your algos.
Internal Cross Cross buy/sell orders internally even they have different broker account, cross positions are recorded.

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